Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Services

Backbone’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning Services will provide your organization with a customized solution for what many companies view as the classic ‘nightmare scenario’. Our experts will help your organization identify asset vulnerabilities and develop a unique risk profile associated with your particular business. By performing Business Impact Assessments (BIA) conducted by the experienced IT professionals at Backbone you can rest assured that in the event of a disaster or service interruption, your business and the data vital to its operation will be minimally impacted.


Through our hands-on approach, the assigned Backbone consultant will partner with your organization’s technology and operations team's leaders to understand the information technology landscape especially in regards to critical business functions, vital service providers, and any highly regulated systems. These conversations help our technical resources in documenting the business requirements, continuity procedures and recover steps necessary to minimize repercussions. The following tasks are included in our BCP/DR services:


Key Processes: Once a recovery framework has been chosen, Backbone experts will work with your organization to identify key processes which serve as the cornerstones of your business. These processes are then analyzed in detail, taking into consideration the time frames, priorities, resources, and interdependencies associated with each.


Process Analysis: After analysis, a detailed view of the character or ‘backbone’ of the process is created. The results of this analysis takes into account human and information resources, potential vulnerabilities, estimated probabilities of threat occurrence, supply chain risks from third parties, the impact and duration of process downtime, and effectiveness of existing controls in mitigating risks.


Prioritized Planning: Once the key areas in your business that are highly vulnerable, highly valuable, or both have been identified and characterized, a business recovery plan is made. Ranking these areas in order of precedence and business impact in the event of a disaster or disruption, a set of priorities is made which will guide the planning of business continuity and recovery planning.


RTO & RPO: Recovery Time Objectives and Recovery Point Objectives are goals set by your organization for the acceptable amount of time for a process to recover and the acceptable amount of data loss in the event of a disaster or disruption respectively. These objectives allow Backbone experts to ‘bridge the gap’ between the prioritized process profile and the stated goals detailed in these objectives. Working with management, the creation a recovery guide detailing organizational responsibilities and recovery procedures is then possible.


Step-By-Step Guide: Once a plan has been developed, your management team can remain confident that a clear and easy to understand plan is in place. The procedures outlined in the guide will allow your company to leverage Backbone’s expertise in industry best practices and time-tested techniques to ensure minimal downtime, regardless of the chosen framework.


Backbone’s Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Services will deliver expertise needed to develop and implement a well-defined actionable plan that can reassure both employees and customers that your business is resilient. Whether you’re trying to provide clients assurance your business's service offering will achieve stated SLAs or you need to reaffirm investors and outside stakeholders that your organization is prepared for anything, let our team of Certified Information System Auditors (CISA) help your company today!