Body-Worn Camera Technology Risk Service

Backbone's BWC technology risk services are the ideal solution for law enforcement clients including, municipal police, deputy sheriff, tribal police, highway patrol and special jurisdiction police such as parks, schools, transportation assets (e.g., airports, subways), hospitals, housing authorities, and government buildings. Backbone's BWC technology risk services include the following activities:

Program Governance: A review of the law enforcement agency's program governance is conducted, focusing on operating procedures for video creation, categorization, annotation, reduction, storage, retention and disclosure, as well as how it flows through and out of the agency.

Chain of Custody: Backbone can review the technical controls in place to prevent data tampering and unauthorized access to make sure chain of custody can be properly established.

Technology Controls: Backbone can help law enforcement agencies perform a risk assessment when deciding between a local hosting solution or a third party/cloud based solution to manage and store the videos. Logical and physical security controls are also reviewed as part of the risk assessment process; including auditing and encryption capabilities.

CJIS Compliance: Backbone provides a comprehensive solution that addresses the requirements within the CJIS Security Policy and help agencies achieve and maintain compliance.

Backbone's BWC technology risk services can help law enforcement agencies’ body-worn camera program governance and implement technical controls to safeguard the video evidence. BWC technology risk services can also help law enforcement agencies meet regulatory requirements, including federal and state data privacy regulations, Criminal Justice Information Security (CJIS) requirements.