Enterprise Cloud Implementation & Security Configuration Audits

Backbone Consultants specializes in the performance of technical auditing of enterprise cloud services. It is imperative that organizations assess the effectiveness of their cloud adoption implementation and to understand whether is has been securely configured to protect the organization from and attacker, unauthorized data leakage, or other modern-day threats. For corporations that have begun their migration to or have fully adopted cloud to provide critical business functions and without digging into the security and compliance risk it may introduce, Backbone wants to start a conversation with you.

Many organizations are either leveraging a full suite of cloud supported services or have adopted stand-alone cloud environments to support the development, testing, and hosting of critical business applications or data stores. If your organization has adopted a suite of solutions offered by the biggest players (Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, etc.), having the assurance that it is properly managed will provide you and your customers peace of mind. Cloud capabilities can enable the business but if not thoughtfully implemented and securely configured, the can often lead to unnecessary risk to your business.

Backbone’s certified IT auditors and security professionals have the technical expertise needed to understand the scope, business justifications, and determine a pragmatic risk-based audit approach that will yield a point in time cloud maturity score-card. In addition, beyond cloud compliance to industry security frameworks, our team will help enhance risk posture through layered compensating controls to bring your business to an acceptable level of risk. Backbone’s Cloud Implementation and Security Configuration Audit Services includes:

Cloud Adoption: Understanding the scope is imperative. In this step Backbone will meet with key stakeholders to determine the technologies implemented, business use cases, identify the responsibilities of both the company and cloud service provider, and evaluate key areas to audit based on risk. Backbone’s audit specialists will kick off the engagement by requesting governance documentation and establishing meetings with the platform and key business process owners.

Administrative Console: Majority of cloud service adoptions require the use of an administrative console that supports key security configurations and also defines how user provisioning to resources and capabilities will be distributed. This review may include analysis of the superuser administrators, email security configs, defined organizational units, document storage capabilities, etc.

Logical Access: Backbone understands the complexities of user provisioning to multiple internal and external user groups and applies this knowledge and the specific needs of your organization. By doing this, we are able to evaluate the effectiveness of user access management within your adopted cloud platform. Technical analysis of integrated directory services, terminations, transfers, inactive, and non-userID accounts is performed to understand control design and effectiveness. Through this we are able to deliver informed recommendations to help enhance your existing cloud user access security patterns.

Configuration & Data Integrations: Each cloud adoption is unique, and will require considerable resources to configure it properly and deliver ongoing monitoring to ensure alignment of security settings with internal policies and procedures. Configurations often include but are not limited to: email security settings, document retention settings, use of APIs, audit log settings, etc.

Upon the completion of Backbone’s cloud platform audit activities, the client will be presented with a draft report and discuss any non-compliance with internal policies and industry best practices. Additionally, our deliverable will provide cost effective remediation recommendations in the event compliance gaps are noted.

Backbone's Enterprise Cloud Implementation & Security Configuration Audit Services can help organizations benchmark their cloud adoption against best practices and implement effective safeguards. Backbone's Certified Information System Auditors (CISA), Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP), can supply the expertise needed to effectively assess the maturity of your cloud solutions and enhance your organizations risk posture.