Backbone Consultants understands the risks associated with today's evolving cybersecurity threat landscape including the increasing costs of protecting your organization's data assets. With our team of industry certified security SMEs, your company can rapidly benefit from the direct analysis performed through our in-depth risk profile analysis and security assessments.

Through our cybersecurity and risk advisory service offerings, Backbone can pinpoint policy variances, control gaps, and help to implement industry best practices quickly. Once identified, our team of specialists can drive remediation actives in alignment with the severity of the risks and value of the data to ensure a cost effective approach.


Backbone’s Information Security services will deliver expertise to identify and defend your company data assets against today’s advanced threat actors. Enlist our team of Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) to implement a defense-in-depth security approach that will proactively minimize external attacks and insider threats. With your company and customer information assets secured, your organization’s investment in information security will translate into a differentiating competitive advantage.