Data Center Audit Services

Backbone Consultants offers onsite Data Center Audit Services intended to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of an organization's control environment. With the increasing trend of outsourcing to external providers, data center hosting and IT asset decommissioning services, Backbone also has the capability of auditing these high-risk subcontracted third-party partners.

Backbone's in-house developed Data Center Audit framework will evaluate the physical, environmental and administrative controls implemented to secure your company's key operations facilities. Our assessment activities will determine the level of maturity and identify control gaps. Backbone’s data center audit services include the following activities:

Physical Security Controls: Backbone’s onsite audit will include the evaluation of physical security controls that have been established to prevent unauthorized access. With an outside-in approach, our audit will begin with parameter defenses including: unmarked building, lighting, fences, limited entrances, exterior windows and review of any adjacent parking structures. In addition, Backbone will then evaluate the internal physical controls including: 24/7 security personnel, badge or keyed access, biometrics, mantraps, CCTV, motion sensors, floor to ceiling walls, etc.

Environmental Controls: Backbone recognizes that environmental controls are foundational to ensuring the maximum availability and meeting an organization’s service level commitments. Our audit of environmental controls includes: heating and air conditioning (HVAC, CRAH, CRAC), uninterrupted power supply (UPS), backup generators, fire detection and suppression system (extinguishers, dry-pipe sprinklers, FE-25 or FM-200), raised flooring, moisture detection, etc.

Administrative Controls: Backbone’s data center audit approach also captures the human element and ensures that the administrative controls supporting the overall data center security are evaluated. Our audit of administrative controls includes: data center policy and procedures, staffing hiring practices, visitor sign-in logs, access provisioning and timely removal, periodic access review, ect.

Backbone’s data center audit service can provide your organization with an independent assessment meant to validate your internal controls and help to identify any gaps that may materially impact your ability operate. Whether you keep your infrastructure hosting in-house or outsource these activities, our team of Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) can perform a high-quality audit in a timely manner.