Data Forensic Analysis & Investigations

Backbone Consultants delivers on its commitment to proactive cybersecurity services with the delivery of our Data Forensic Analysis and Investigations service offering. Through this service, Backbone can provide your management a detailed assessment on how your organization handles its critical information. Whether evaluating new systems or practices, or those already in existence, Backbone can identify potential threats and can proactively ascertain risks to your business. Backbone's Forensic Analysis and Incident Investigations services include the following activities:


Preventative Forensics: Forensically sound techniques will be used to identify whether your systems and network traffic is being managed according to secure best practices and corporate expectations. Often information is held in memory or placed on hard drive storage without the knowledge of those who develop or maintain these systems. Even data in transit could be accidentally sent without protection across networks or airwaves. Such information could be at risk for someone to capture and use for their own motives. Our forensics services offering can help evaluate if your systems are appropriately configured to manage your data securely, and if not, assist in the remediation.


Insider Threat and Compliance: Commonly accepted industry techniques will be used in an effort to identify possible instances of IT compliance violations or insider threat activities that may be putting your organization’s information and reputation at risk. IT events are often logged without proper correlation or analysis, requiring a deeper dive of that data to gain a proper understanding of what transpired. Backbone can provide such analysis and help enhance identification and analysis of future risk events. This ensures proper and timely visibility into what is likely your most valuable and perhaps vulnerable asset, your people.


Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM): Scientifically proven techniques will be used in an effort to identify possible unauthorized audio or visual access into your organization’s space. Both technical tools and practical guidance is tailor-made to meet your organization’s tolerance for risk. While Intellectual Property (IP) and pivotal decisions like Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are often very sensitive, even regular board meetings and common communications among senior leadership is of interest to criminals, activists, and your competition alike. The cyber-landscape is literally all around us now as the Internet of Things (IoT) grows and we continue to be more connected. Our TSCM service will help you detect threats among this evolving landscape and help implement practical steps to reduce exposure to your company’s sensitive strategic information.


Backbone’s Forensic Analysis and Incident Investigations services are a “must have” solution for today’s enterprise, from Fortune 100s to SMBs alike. Whether a client’s initial program is just getting formed or a mature process in place, our dedicated team can quickly assist with thorough analysis of your systems, network traffic, user activity, and organizational space to help you identify and minimize your information risk.