Backbone Consultants recognizes data privacy as one of the fastest growing areas of concern amongst individuals and companies alike. If your business is collecting personal information from clients and customers, measures must be in place to protect and secure that data. This is a matter of regulatory and even legal compliance, so failure to do so could result in lawsuits, fines, license revocation, or worse.

Organizations have a strict obligation to ensure the confidentiality of internal employee data as well as any personally identifiable customer data that they may process or store during the course of business. As a crucial first step in understanding your privacy risks, Backbone can effectively execute data mapping, classification, and ownership walkthroughs. From there, our team can help to recommend or even implement process and technical controls necessary to prevent unauthorized disclosure of privacy related data.


Backbone’s data privacy services will deliver the expertise necessary to comply with domestic and international privacy regulations. Enlist our team of certified information privacy professionals (CIPP) to evaluate your privacy risk posture and assist in the implementation or enhancement of your company’s privacy program today. With your company and trusted vendors meeting the core privacy principles and data protection requirements, your customer’s will value your investments with their continued business and trust.


Our technical and industry expertise of data privacy principles and records retention management combine to offer exceptional service to clients.


Backbone's specific data privacy related service offerings include but are not limited to: