EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance

Backbone Consultants’ team of Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) can guide your organization through the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance process. GDPR is applicable to any organization collecting and/or processing personal data of individuals residing in the EU, regardless of the company’s physical location will be mandated to adhere to the new requirements.

GDPR contains new protections for EU data subjects and mandates hefty fines and penalties for non-compliant data controllers and processors once it comes into effect in the spring of 2018. Provisions affecting access, consent, data portability, and mandatory breach notification will require changes to organizations’ data handling practices. A new provision requiring the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) for certain organizations is one of the major areas of concerns for many organizations. Backbone's GDPR Compliance Services include:

GDPR Pre-Assessment: Backbone will work with you or the appropriate staff to get a high-level baseline, or current state, of your compliance with GDPR framework before the assessment begins, if requested. The pre-assessment workshop may be 1-3 days pending the size of your organization, compliance requirements, and/or scope of the assessment. The purpose of the pre-assessment workshop is to understand the potential resource commitment from your organization to complete the assessment.

GDPR Readiness Assessment: Backbone can work with you and your organization to understand the current state of your privacy program and compliance with GDPR framework in your preparation to become GDPR compliant. Backbone will work with you to proactively identify any gaps and develop and implement a solution to correct the deficiencies within your own time frame that fits your organization and resource availability.

GDPR Code of Conduct and Certification: Backbone’s staff of CIPPS/US can assist your organization in meeting the code of conduct and/or certification requirements set by associations or other applicable certification bodies. Codes of conduct and certifications may be used to demonstrate compliance.

Backbone’s GDPR Compliance Services will help ensure your organization is meeting the privacy and security requirements outlined in this new international data protection framework. Let our Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPP) provide the expertise needed to design, build, and implement a sustainability strategy for your GDPR compliance program.