Backbone Consultants understands that audit and compliance activities are an essential component of an organization’s risk management strategy. Whether satisfying regulatory requirements or differentiating your business through elective independent audit assessments, Backbone can assist in defining your control environment and validate operating effectiveness.

Through our audit and risk assessment service offerings, we can either perform a complete IT audit independently or join together with in-house staff. Backbone can work with you to gather evidence, analyze data and produce reports for discussion, or handle the entire project from start to finish. This turnkey approach minimizes staff commitment and allows you to allocate resources to your company’s core competencies. Either approach can be a cost-effective investment that maximizes the return on your annual IT audit budget.


Backbone’s IT Audit & Compliance services will deliver expertise to ensure adherence to auditing standards and regulatory requirements. Enlist our team of Certified Information Systems Auditors (CISA) to conduct technical information systems analysis and reporting that your organization’s leadership can be confident in. With your company meeting its various audit requirements, your organization’s investment in compliance will translate into a customer's trust and loyalty.