Security Awareness Program Services

Backbone Consultants understand that security awareness activities provide an essential component to your organization’s risk management strategy. Whether looking to refine current program objectives and components, or launch new security awareness capabilities across your organization, Backbone will guide you through this process to reach an end result fitting the needs of your organization.

Through our security awareness offering, we will either work with your existing IT teams or fully outsource the development of a sustainable program. Our security professionals will work closely with your IT teams to provide guidance and assist with the execution on best practices to help improve, build, and grow this vital capability. Backbone’s customized approach ensures the correct staff commitment and allocation of resources are applied achieve your IT governance program’s goals. This service offering consists of the following:

Program Creation: Backbone understands that every security awareness program must stem from an organization’s compliance or audit standards. By establishing program ownership we can ensure a consistent and sustainable program that will support the least amount of training that achieves the greatest impact. Through conversations with internal stakeholders we can create a baseline program that adheres to your company’s specific goals, internal / external threats, and internal policies.

Training Content: It is foundational to identify the various different audiences (e.g. management, developers, system administrators, contractors, etc.) within your organization that will require different types and depth of training. Content is also key; educating on areas of broadest exposure such as social engineering, strong passwords, and secure email can yield significant benefits. It’s important to consider the best methods of delivery whether in-person, online courses, or test exercises.

Implementation: Backbone can assist with the development or purchase of training content materials to meet requirements identified during the program creation and training content phases. Training will then be deployed to the audience groups utilizing different communication methods. Tracking mechanisms will be designed to monitor training completion and escalate unfinished assignments.

Sustaining Program: Backbone understands that maintaining a successful security awareness program requires periodically applying enhancements to ensure it achieves the desired behaviors. Content modifications needed as the threat landscape, internal policies, and compliance standards change over time. Program leadership will also be trained on how best to conduct periodic program assessments to compare to baseline. Lastly, ongoing communication from leadership to all audiences cement the company’s commitment to supporting, endorsing and promoting the program.

Backbone’s Security Awareness services will deliver expertise to fully develop or reinvigorate your company’s commitment to provide education needed to proactively manage risks. Count on our team of Certified Information Systems Security Professionals (CISSP) to conduct a complete assessment of your current program and provide a gap analysis report with an actionable roadmap prioritized to achieve the greatest value to your organization. Investing in your employee’s security awareness as the first line of defense through a strong program translates into a long-term customer trust and loyalty.