Backbone can either perform a complete IT audit independently or join together with in-house staff. Backbone can work with you to gather evidence, analyze data and produce reports for discussion, or handle the entire project from start to finish. This turnkey approach minimizes staff commitment and allows you to allocate resources elsewhere. Either approach is a cost-effective investment that maximizes the return on your IT audit budget.



Partner with Backbone to allow our security SMEs to perform detailed security reviews and in-depth risk assessments to pinpoint policy variances and control gaps. Once identified, our team will assist in driving remediation based on the severity of the risks and the value of the data. With your company’s risk posture in a better position, you will feel that your organization has made the most of its financial resources to manage risks effectively.



If your company is collecting personal information from clients and customers, measures must be in place to protect and secure that data. This is a matter of regulatory and even legal compliance, so failure to do so could result in lawsuits, fines, license revocation, or worse. With Backbone’s expertise your business will be better poised at identifying and securing this sensitive data through enhanced governance and access controls.



Leverage Backbone's experience to train your existing staff to manage IT audits, properly scope risk assessments, etc. so that your internal teams can take the lead in future reviews, with or without our assistance. Your staff may lack the necessary expertise on the latest software and data protection measures, and as your partner, we can provide that missing link. Additionally, specific cybsersecurity solutions and compliance pattern trainings can be attended to strengthen and retain specialized expertise with your in house staff.