Social Media Governance

Backbone is committed to staying relevant in the always-changing information technology landscape. With social media threats on the rise, organizations must begin to prioritize and invest in the governance of these externally facing web applications. Therefore, Backbone has developed a proprietary governance framework and audit methodology to assist SMBs – Fortune 500 organizations to better manage their social media governance and compliance requirements. Through this service Backbone is capable of assisting an organization in developing a sustainable program to provide transparency to the management of social media related risks.

Interview Analysis: To enact a strong social media governance strategy within an enterprise it is paramount to first identify and scope out the listing of all social media channels (SMC) leveraged by the enterprise. Interviews are scheduled with corresponding business groups (i.e. Marketing, Sales, Public Relations, etc.) that manage the organizations SMCs. From these conversations our social media security professional will begin to formally capture the organizations social footprint (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+) and determine the current state of maturity.

Policy Development: For SMG to be successful an enterprise must develop, adopt and broadly communicate policies and procedures that support the responsible use and best practices relating to social media. Backbone can assist your organization in the development of any of these SMG documents: Acceptable Use Policy, Account Management, User Access Provisioning, Credentials Management, Mobile, etc.

Oversight Committee: Each organization will have various stakeholder groups that will be responsible for managing social risk (e.g. Marketing-brand damage, Legal – privacy violations, Audit – fraudulent activity, Human Resources – staff misconduct, etc.). Once identified, these stakeholders will form a group that meets periodically to increase visibility and accountability for the management of social risks. Backbone will partner with the company’s Risk Management function to define this group and ensure oversight of the following: access reviews, policy changes, social breaches, training & awareness, reporting, etc.

Management Tools: With minimal investment, an organization can adopt technologies to significantly reduce and better manage their social media risks. These social media management applications can be configured to perform the following activities: consolidate access amongst multiple social platforms, require secondary approvals for content posting, continual scanning to identify unauthorized social channels, reporting and trend analysis of social campaigns, etc.

Social Media Audits: As the adoption of social media for enterprise continues to expand, so will the compliance regulations to help ensure risks are managed. For example Financial Services companies are the most significantly impacted and must adhere to compliance requirements established by FINRA, SEC, FCA, and FFIEC. Backbone is well equipped to conduct maturity assessments, perform regulatory audits and build out war-gaming scenarios.

Backbone’s Social Media Governance (SMG) Assessment services are ideal for companies that leverage external social platforms to create lasting relationships with their customers. Partner with us today and let our certified Social Media Security Professionals (SMSP) transform the maturity of your social media governance program.