Backbone Consultants distinguishes itself by dedicating substantial time and resource into the development and training of our consultants. By remaining on the cutting edge of the latest technologies, security frameworks, and industry trends, we are able to maintain our reputation as premier IT Risk Advisory Services provider.


While leveraging our services is great, your organization may have a business need to retain the knowledge and skills required to adequately maintain and mature your IT environment. This is another avenue that Backbone can show our value to you! Through our custom hands-on technical trainings, Backbone can teach individuals and organizational teams the skills and approaches needed to comply with industry regulations, legal compliance requirements and cybersecurity best practices. Our technical SMEs can deliver specialized training solutions with breakout sessions to test knowledge transference and ensure skills are repeatable. Bridging the gap between theory and application helps differentiate our educational courses and training sessions.


Backbone’s Technical Training services will build confidence in your areas of IT expertise and provide you the advantage of tangible experience and case reviews. Our training team will leverage their 30+ years of industry experience, deep understanding of technical frameworks, and expertise in the technology stacks to make you a better professional. By attending our engaging technical trainings you are committing to self-improvement and growth in your role as an IT leader.


​​​​​​​Our technical and industry expertise combine to offer exceptional technical training services across IT Audit, Information Security and Data Privacy.

Backbone's specific service offerings include but are not limited to: